I’ve been waiting quite some time to post these stunning bridal portraits of a near and dear friend. On a gorgeous fall day in South Carolina, we celebrated a two year anniversary and the joy of putting on the dress again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; portraits taken after a wedding are surprisingly worthwhile. Christine, you are a beauty, inside and out.


brianannamaria2I absolutely love photographing friends. Everyone is a little more relaxed and if I’m lucky, I know a funny story or two from days gone by. I was so excited to see Brian again and to meet his gorgeous fiancé. We had a lot of fun soaking up the fall leaves and sunshine around Annapolis. And you’d never know we almost all blew away in the wind!


allieweddingWords cannot express the joy and love I felt this past weekend celebrating a dear friend’s wedding. I selfishly wish I could have photographed every moment of her beautiful day. Looking back however, I wouldn’t trade one second of being present and truly experiencing it. I am glad I was able to snap a few lovely photos while getting ready. I will never forget that day Allie! Best wishes in your marriage.