printsI never print my photographs, which is a real shame when I stop and think about the thousands upon thousands I have stored away on a massive hard drive I keep in my kitchen. Well my wall desperately needed updating and this time around, I opted for color. I can’t say that I don’t miss the look of all black and white photographs, but I’ll let these marinate for a while and maybe they will grow on me. It’s always a bit sad to put away a piece of Italy. Maybe I’ll just have to dig up more memories and share them here instead.

(And let’s just ignore the fact that things in this basement hang a little bit crooked. I’ll blame it on the walls.)


sleepingbabyTwenty fourteen. If I had to choose one word to describe this past year, it would be full. Full in that I found myself saying yes to more of just about everything. Full in that I blinked and we are back here again, an end and a beginning. So full in fact that halfway through the year my body not so subtly reminded me that time to recharge is vital. Looking back, I have to say my favorite moment of the year is a surprise. A perfect beach day in October with a setting sun, still ocean, and the opportunity for one last swim. A moment of pure appreciation. For so many things. Cheers to that my friends.



Here we are again, another year older. This time with pie. Once again, I cannot be thankful enough for the love I feel every day. And especially today. This is also my 201st blog post, which probably isn’t very impressive in the blogging world, but it is many posts beyond what I ever thought I would create. Cheers to twenty-six. May you be filled with many beautiful moments. And many beautiful photographs to remember them by.