“A photograph is a moment of our time in life, a brief slice of happening. It’s the capturing of a memory, holding far more detail than we can ever comprehend…the way the light looked, the way it felt to be there. Sometimes, if the photograph is good enough, you can smell the air, feel it along your skin.” Jamie Beck

I’m a designer and photographer and all around lover of the arts. Besides snapping photographs and drawing on the computer, I enjoy riding my bike around the city, hanging out with my awesome family, and discovering new places to eat and drink in DC and abroad. I graduated from Marymount University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and minor in Communications. I have studied both film and digital photography and have photographed all around the world.

On my blog, you’ll find journalistic photos of my day-to-day life, personal photo shoots, and work from other inspiring photographers and artists. I currently live in Capitol Hill and travel between the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.

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