Already making good on my New Year’s resolution and hangin’ with the best of the best. Working with Amelia is always sure to be a great experience. One that truly inspires me creatively and motivationally. I’m forever grateful for everything I’ve learned and continue to learn through her gift. I loved doing portrait swapsies with you, Amelia!


Twenty-eighteen. You were a solid mix of high highs and low lows, a pattern I think I’ve finally accepted as something to expect with each year that passes. You brought me new creative experiences and took me on adventures in new cities and countries—a true highlight being my first international elopement session for Emily and Aaron in Paris, shot alongside my favorite photography partner, Amelia Moore. And on the flip side, learning that gluten was no longer my friend a month before departing to the land of pastry and baguette. C’est la vie!

I’m not sure what twenty-nineteen has in store, but I do know that I’ll be seeking more of what’s above. And that’s something to look forward to. Cheers, and happy new year!