This is pretty much how I feel right now. Except not quite so cute. Can barely believe it is officially the holiday season. Somewhere between a trip to California and starting a new job, Christmas decorations were hung and the temperature dropped below freezing. Not sure I am ready for the next few weeks, but still looking forward to cookies and fires and spending time in good company.

(And hopefully a few naps that are as peaceful as the naps our newest family addition is surely enjoying.)


Photographs © Adele Enersen.

I received an email the other day titled, “The Most Creative Thing I’ve Seen Today!” And that is exactly what I got. Adele Enersen is a new mother who gets really creative with things laying around the house during her daughter’s nap time. The result are these wonderful, whimsical photographs.

You can check out her blog, here! I hope they inspire your creativity, like they have done for me!