Photographs © Kelly Elaine Smith.

Always in need of some inspiration at the start of a new year. These wintry scenes have me thinking about that sharp, icy air that makes your lungs ache, but only if because for the first time in many months, it feels like the air is new and untainted. Embracing this season can be hard. But it’s too beautiful to wish it away. I say let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. More loveliness from Kelly.



Photographs © Blair Masri

I’m thinking about warm weather and vacations today. Yesterday was the first day of spring and after a rough winter, I want nothing more than sunshine on my face. Taking a little trip sounds like the most divine thing in the world right now, but unfortunately that is not happening anytime soon. So instead I’ll just admire these quiet moments that photographer Blair Masri captured on her recent vacation to Tulum, Mexico. More photos from her vacation here, including some pretty lovely yoga shots. Portfolio. Blog.



Happy Birthday blog! Another really great year of photos behind me. Lots of exciting moments happened this past year. Babies were born. Other babies got bigger. I moved to Captiol Hill and watched DC spring to life. There were lots of laughs. And a kitty decided to stay. There was a beautiful wedding. Then another! My favorite season came and went. This friend got engaged! And so did this one! And before I knew it, it was 2013!

So of course I had to celebrate. Two treats for two great years, so far.



Photographs © Ryan Ray Photography

I haven’t done an inspiration post in a while. If I really tried, I could probably do several inspiration posts a day. The internet never ceases to disappoint a creative eye. I fell in love with these Ryan Ray photographs featured in Rue magazine for many different reasons: the use of film, the soft white light, impeccable styling, a longing for warm weather, a love of olives. Okay, it’s really just the olive part. Inspiration doesn’t always have to shock and excite. Sometimes it can just be a little reminder of something quite comfortable.