uscapitolSpent a grey, fall day at the U.S. Capitol today for some family portraits. A very surreal experience being there during a government shutdown. It’s hard to ignore the beauty of this stunning structure and all of it’s intricate architecture, no matter what is going on inside.

What a wonderful experience to finally see the inside of the building that rests just around the corner from the place I call home these days.


First things first. Always use power tools if the opportunity presents itself. So much more fun.

Second, I’m pretty sure I actually carved a spaghetti squash this year instead of a pumpkin. In all my many years of carving pumpkins, I have never carved a pumpkin like this. Spaghetti I tell you. Is this the variety you get when you buy a four dollar pumpkin at the grocery store weeks in advance? Oh well, I’m still very pleased with the end result. And wouldn’t it be sweet if my “stars” were in the shape of a constellation?