On a personal level, twenty seventeen has been one of my most challenging years. A year filled with hard lessons about love and loss. Lessons that leave you no other choice but to grow a stronger soul.

That isn’t to say though, that there weren’t beautiful moments worth remembering along the way. More than ever, I found myself grounded in mother nature, a connection I consider fundamental to my very well being.

I already know that the coming year will be one of great change. Moving forward, I hope to remember some words that ring true to who I have been and, more importantly, who I want to be; “Don’t allow your wounds to turn you into a person you are not.” — Paulo Coelho and especially “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”Nelson Mandela.

So here’s to more worthwhile views, and all the things to come. Happy New Year.



sleepingbabyTwenty fourteen. If I had to choose one word to describe this past year, it would be full. Full in that I found myself saying yes to more of just about everything. Full in that I blinked and we are back here again, an end and a beginning. So full in fact that halfway through the year my body not so subtly reminded me that time to recharge is vital. Looking back, I have to say my favorite moment of the year is a surprise. A perfect beach day in October with a setting sun, still ocean, and the opportunity for one last swim. A moment of pure appreciation. For so many things. Cheers to that my friends.



I took this photo at the beginning of this year, which doesn’t seem all that long ago really. One whole, beautiful year. Funny how that happens.

The world’s just spinning
A little too fast
If things don’t slow down soon we might not last
The world’s not forgiving
Of everyone’s fears
The days turn into months the months turn into years
So just for a moment, let’s be still