Photographs © Andrew/Cuba Gallery

I’m usually more of an au naturale kinda gal when it comes to photography. That is, I usually prefer photographs without a lot of manipulation. But then there are photographers like Andrew who do it. So. Darn. Well. And it really does become a piece of art. And somehow comes out looking more the way I envision the world when I close my eyes. Blog. Flickr. Website.


Photographs © Jamie Beck.

I have been trying my hand at interior decor photography and have definitely needed a good dose of inspiration. These cool and relaxed images are the work of Jamie Beck, a New York photographer who photographs just about everything, including couture fashion, cityscapes, and even herself. I love her work no matter what she is shooting and she’ll be at the top of my list for a long time. Follow her blog here.


Photographs © Max Wanger.

I look at so much wedding photography (and there is a lot out there!) that after a while, it all starts to look the same. But there are those every now and then that simply wow me and remind me that wedding photography can still be unique. Like Max Wanger, whose photographs truly are pieces of art. His signature shot of maximum sky with the subjects placed almost out of sight creates a romantic mystery. Who are those tiny people? Where are they standing? Is this really a photograph? I can imagine hanging one on my wall in my home and answering all the questions that would arise from guests. A wedding becomes a story, shouldn’t your photographs do the same?


Photographs © Andrew Evans.

These stunning deer images come all the way from the UK and were photographed by Andrew Evans. I came across his Flickr site quite randomly, but immediately fell in love with the juxtaposition of sharp and soft focus in each photograph. Not to mention the use of light. Or the expressions caught at just the right moment. Or the colors and details. Or the fact that they are photos of a cute baby deer. Got me right in the heart. I wish he had a blog so I could drool over his photos every day. A blog about this one particular deer. And all his adventures. Anyways, you can check out all his breathtaking photographs on his Flickr profile, here.


Photographs © I Love Saturdays.

So excited about a new find in the blog world! I Love Saturdays follows a photographer/illustrator/artist. I love her style, especially in these beautiful Paris photos. I mean come on, pink and Paris and wintertime. So pretty. Her illustrative/color additions to the photographs only accentuate their awesomeness. I’m hooked.