Slowly but surely getting back out into the world with my little camera. A few lovely posts coming up to get things going again. These cherry blossom photos probably get a little old year after year, but the thought of missing them makes my heart hurt. So here they are, again. Looking extra pom-pommy this year.

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The warmest day of the year so far and this is what happens. A blend of pink buds and newly opened blossoms. In the coming days, they will surely fade and fall like snow. Captured during a stroll around the tidal basin with the setting sun.

Then this last look before saying goodnight.




Last year’s spring came early. This year it feels like it may be lost forever. But as of yesterday, it’s officially here. So let’s all give winter a friendly wave goodbye, reminisce one last time on the things that kept us cozy and warm, and turn our faces towards the sun to greet the season that means we made it.


And happiest of birthdays to these blue eyes, who have come to know the end of my camera lens more than most.